I'm a Trustee and I'm Concerned About Beneficiaries Suing Me.

In California, a trustee has numerous fiduciary obligations to beneficiaries. This means that you are held to particular standards of conduct in managing trust assets, in communicating with beneficiaries, and in distributing the assets of the trust.

If you are concerned about a beneficiary bringing a claim against you, then you should consult with an experienced trust attorney right away. The longer you wait, the more likely that litigation will be initiated, and the more likely that you will lose opportunities to resolve the matter at minimal cost.

If you are facing such a situation, you should consult with an experienced trust attorney to determine what your rights, obligations, and risks are in the trust administration. Sometimes, these issues may require the initiation of court proceedings by you--such as seeking instructions from the court on how to proceed.

These issues are fairly common in trust administration matters, and we have experienced attorneys that are available to discuss your matter with you and advise you appropriately in navigating the administration and difficult beneficiaries.

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