Can I Hire an Attorney as an Executor, Trustee, Conservator, or Agent?

Yes, and it's usually more efficient to do so. I can change the oil or brakes on my car, but it's going to take me a few hours because I don't do it everyday. I could also just pay a mechanic a fee to do it for me and save myself some time.

If you are acting in a fiduciary role, such as an executor, trustee, conservator, or agent under a power of attorney, then you always have a right to legal counsel to advise you in properly managing the assets. In some circumstances, such as with an executor or a conservator, payment to the attorney would require a court order, but most attorneys practicing in these areas understand that.

Aside from this, retaining an attorney to assist you can really expedite the administration, and if you're facing litigation, an experienced attorney can also help get the case in line for you and help work towards a resolution.

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