I'm a Trustee and Beneficiaries Are Asking A Lot of Questions--What Should I Do?

In California, a trustee has an obligation to keep the beneficiaries reasonably informed and to respond to reasonable inquiries of a beneficiary as it pertains to his or her interest. 

Sometimes, these requests, however, can become excessive and can get overwhelming--and the requests might even be unclear or ambiguous--but that does not eliminate your obligations to the beneficiaries.

In these situations, it is best to retain legal counsel to provide appropriate responses to the beneficiaries that will minimize negative consequences to you should a court action be initiated. Moreover, this will often result in the beneficiary receiving the information that they seek.

If you are facing such a situation, you should consult with an experienced trust attorney to determine what your rights, obligations, and risks are in the trust administration. These issues are fairly common in trust administration matters, and we have experienced attorneys that are available to discuss your matter with you and advise you appropriately in navigating the administration and difficult beneficiaries.

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