Do I Have a Legal Claim?

It's difficult to assess whether you have a legal claim unless you are consulting with an attorney. If you believe that you might have a valid legal claim, you may schedule a free legal consultation with our office to discuss your matter in more detail. During this consultation, you can explain your situation and the attorney will discuss your case and potential options with you.

One important issue to consider with any claim is the statute of limitations. There are various statutes of limitations, and so a different time period will apply depending on the claim and the circumstances. The statute of limitations refers to a time period in which certain claims must be filed after the claim arose.

Beyond this, certain claims may be substantially more difficult to prove as time goes on because the memories of witnesses fades, evidence is potentially lost, or there may be issues that create difficulty in collecting from the alleged wrongdoer (i.e., bankruptcy, moving away, assets removed/hidden, etc.).

In either event, the longer you wait to pursue a claim, the more difficult it can become and the less options you may have. Don't wait to see if things work out--it's best to discuss your situation with an attorney to understand the potential risks and options available.

Beyond this, you want to be careful as to what you say--or write (emails, internet posts, etc.)--because it can all impact your potential claim or position in litigation. There's no need to begin the fight in a public forum outside the court system--often times it will only serve to hurt your case.

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