An Estate Plan is Difficult to Discuss, But We Simplify the Process as Much as Possible

An estate plan allows you to choose who will manage your personal affairs if you are unable to do so and gives you the power to dictate who will receive your assets and on what terms those assets are received.

An estate plan may encompass many documents. The more complex the case, the more planning may be needed. For most people, however, an estate plan will include a Trust, a Last Will and Testament, a Durable Power of Attorney, and an Advance Health Care Directive. Along with these documents, there are typically other ancillary documents needed to properly implement your estate plan, and failure to have these documents can defeat the purpose of setting up an estate plan.

In some cases, you might be concerned with your current estate plan and its effectiveness—whether it's the result of moving to a new state or a lack of faith in the drafting attorney. In such instances, it's very easy to have it reviewed by an attorney to determine whether your concerns are warranted.

We provide comprehensive estate planning services to individuals and married couples of varying degrees of wealth. You have worked hard to acquire your wealth, and our goal is to assist you in passing it on in an efficient and effective manner.

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