Basics of Trust Administration

Posted by Steve GiammicheleMay 03, 20230 Comments

Appropriate trust administration is important when assets are held in trust and the beneficiaries are dependent on it. The trustee is held to a fiduciary standard, and compliance with the various duties is essential in minimizing litigation and will make the administration process run more efficiently.

Probate Administration 101

Posted by Steve GiammicheleMay 01, 20230 Comments

On the heels of a loved one passing away, going through the probate process can seem daunting and stressful. With several obligations to fulfill, going into probate without any knowledge of the proceedings can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Our Tustin probate team explains what the probate process aims to achieve, as well as how it can be successfully navigated..

The Differences Between Trusts & Wills

Posted by Steve GiammicheleApr 22, 20230 Comments

When someone decides to start planning for their financial future, trusts and wills are some of the most common ways to determine where their assets will go when they pass away. One mistake that many people tend to make is assuming that trusts and wills are the same. While similar, they each have very distinct characteristics and costs associated with them.