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As many people in the state of California are beginning to get married at later stages in their lives, or are entering a marriage after having been previously divorced, marital agreements are not only becoming much more commonplace, but more complicated to formulate as well.

After all, nearly half of every marriage that occurs in the United States results in a divorce. This demonstrates just how crucial it is to have a mutual agreement about how your assets, property, and even the custodianship of your children should be organized and distributed if divorce should ever occur. Our marital agreement lawyer in Laguna Woods can help you through the complex process of getting a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement. You can rely on Giammichele Law, APC to help you prepare for the future and set your mind at ease no matter what the years may bring.

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Postnuptial & Prenuptial Agreements in California

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are actually very similar in their format, purpose, and nature, but differ in the timings that they are created. A prenuptial agreement is made prior to a marriage ceremony being performed. The point of having this agreement before the marriage is to make sure that any outstanding debts or assets possessed by either party could be taken care of prior to the marriage's legalization. Prenuptials can also allow the parties to sort out the optimal choices of how to settle accounts and property if one of the spouses unfortunately passes away.

While postnuptial agreements are very similar in purpose, they occur after a marriage, so the parties still have a chance to work out their plans for the future if they did not get a prenup. Alternatively, they offer an additional space for couples to modify or alter prenuptial arrangements based on new circumstances or issues discovered throughout the relationship.

Key Issues You Should Address in a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement

The more issues you are able to address in your agreement, the more assurance and peace of mind you will feel later on.

Some of the most important issues you should be discussing in a postnuptial or prenuptial agreement include those related to:

  • The division of the marital home
  • Distribution or liquidation of other properties of real estate
  • How bank accounts and investments will be divvied up
  • Plans for retirement and pensions
  • The liquidation or division of personal objects, including vehicles, furniture, electronics, and other assets
  • The division or combination of earnings prior to the marriage

Assurance for the Future

More than ever before, Californians are finding a greater need to protect their interests due to these previous marital relationships. This is why you should be seeking aid from a reliable marital agreement attorney in Laguna Woods, so that you never feel anxious about what the future might bring.

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