Helping You Establish a Power of Attorney

There is only one thing we can know for certain in this world and that is that life is uncertain. At any moment, it is possible to suffer from a serious medical illness or accident.

When these incidents suddenly occur, you and your family will be placed in a difficult predicament. Your loved ones may be unsure about what next steps they should take if they do not know your stance about end-of-life care. A judge might even end up making decisions which you would never have endorsed.

The optimal way to avoid such heartache and anxiety is by designating a California power of attorney with Giammichele Law, APC. Our Laguna Woods power of attorney lawyer can help you navigate through such difficult waters. We can establish exactly what you want to occur to your property.

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Definition of a California Power of Attorney

Despite its slightly misleading name, a “California power of attorney” is not a person but a document. This legal form gives a designated person the “power” to carry out your desires if you are no longer able to communicate yourself.

A power of attorney document is often used for sale transactions of automobiles and real estate. However, it does not have to only relate to financial matters. It can even give a family member the ability to determine an extent of life support or grant the opportunity to donate organs.

Usually, a power of attorney is given to one person who then is in charge of all the decisions. However, it is also possible to divide the different rights and responsibilities amongst a number of interested parties.

Types of Power of Attorney

When it comes to the type of power of attorney you are choosing, there are essentially three main categories to select from.

These three primary types of power of attorney include:

  • General power of attorney – Also known as a “financial power of attorney,” this POA allows the main agent to have a large expanse of authority over several kinds of legal issues. The only exception is that of health care decisions.
  • Limited power of attorney – This type of authorization is restricted to a short period of time in a narrowly defined circumstance. For example, if you are traveling abroad for a month, you could allow an agent the authority to run your business during this window of time.
  • Power of attorney for health care – This document gives your agent power to make crucial choices about your medical care and treatment, but only in the situation where you yourself are physically or mentally incapable of expressing your own decisions.

Prepared for the Future

Without clear and detailed specifications of what exactly will happen to your estate, assets, and debts, your family will be forced to make challenging decisions. This may create conflict during such a stressful time.

However, thanks to the opportunity of establishing a power of attorney with our firm, you and your loved ones can prepare for the future. You can feel full confidence that your plans are being carried out exactly the way you want them to.

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