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Child Support Laws in California

In the state of California, every parent has the obligation to help financially support their offspring. In most cases, the custodial parent receives a monthly payment from the noncustodial parent to help cover the costs of raising the child.

In California, the state legislature has produced a formula to calculate just how much a parent might have to pay in child support. This formula will consider a few of the following variables:

  • Number of shared offspring
  • Each parent's income
  • Tax liabilities
  • Amount of time spent with the child

Although the formula calculates an accurate amount, the judge can rule to increase or decrease this amount based on circumstances brought up in a court of law. It should also be noted that once a child support order is set, either parent involved can ask for a modification to the amount. This could be due to a change in financial status or an unforeseen financial obligation that arises. However, the acceptance of these modifications can take quite some time and are not easily approved. It usually takes unique situations for a modification to not only move fast, but also be approved.

The amount of child support can also be decided without going to court. If both parents can agree on a certain amount, all they will be required to do is fill out paperwork. In California, parents will need to fill out an FL-350 form that states a stipulation for establishment. This document must be signed by both parents before approval from a judge.

How Do You Make a Payment?

Once a judge approves the child support order, an official monthly amount will be provided to you. This amount can be paid in numerous ways. Orange County regulations state that someone paying for child support can write a check, collect a money order, or even pay through money-wiring apps like Venmo.

What Does Child Support Go Towards?

As a parent, there's no worse feeling than knowing you don't have the means to set your child up for success. Whether you're struggling to assist them with school necessities or trying to keep them fed at home, paying for a kid's everyday expenses can be difficult with only one household income. This is exactly why child support was established.

Payments can be beneficial whether kids are younger and need constant care or a little older and have numerous education requirements. For example, clothes, food, and school supplies are just a few ways child support payments can assist a single parent. With a lot of monthly income going towards rent or a mortgage, a child support payment can help cover a few of these common costs.

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