Fighting to Keep Your Family Together

Divorce can come with a number of devastating impacts upon your life as you know it, but none may be as painful as not being able to get the kind of custody you and they need. If you are experiencing divorce at his time, or have a child custody dispute for another reason, Giammichele Law, APC is here to help.

We offer each potential client an initial consultation to visit us and tell us more about their situation and concerns. During this meeting, we can explain how our attorney can respond with legal advice and services that can help our clients achieve their goals. We are proud of our record when it comes to helping parents obtain fair custody arrangements that are in their children's best interests.

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The Child's Best Interests Take Precedence

Child custody in California is determined by what the court believes is in the best interests of the child. Contrary to what some may believe, neither parent is favored at the onset of determining custody. Each begins proceedings with equal rights to custody and the court adjusts these rights according to various factors that consider what's best for the child.

Courts are guided by two policies in this regard:

  • The child's safety, health, and welfare are chief concerns.
  • There is a presupposition that children typically benefit when they have frequent contact with both of their parents.

With these two policies in mind, the court will consider parenting arrangements that are intended to provide the best possible care for a child. As your child custody attorney in Irvine, however, we can help you demonstrate that retaining as much custody of your children as possible is in their best interests.

Legal vs. Physical Custody

Child custody is made up of a parent's right to make legal decisions for their child and the parent's right to be in the physical presence of their child. Parents can jointly share these types of custody, or one parent may be wholly assigned one or both types of custody – that all depends upon what the court believes is in the best interest of the child, especially if parents can't agree on an arrangement.

Parents with legal custody can make important decisions for their children, such as which schools to attend, what kind of health care they can receive, and make other decisions regarding upbringing.

Parents who have physical custody have a right to live with their children. When this is split between parents, often one of them will have more time with their children than the other. Sometimes this is simply because there are seven days in a week, or because one parent lives too far away from a child's school, friends, and other relatives.

Are You Involved in a Child Custody Dispute?

Parents in California are encouraged by the courts to work out their own parenting arrangements. If this is not possible, however, you may need help from an Irvine child custody lawyer. At Giammichele Law, APC, we can help you advocate for your parenting rights when custody of your children is at stake.

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