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Some of the most complicated legal problems that can involve your family are those that concern a relative's estate or those that branch out from a divorce. These are complicated not just in terms of the legal disputes at hand, but also difficult on an emotional level when your interests in your family's future are on the line.

At Giammichele Law, APC, we fight for the best possible outcome for each client when they are challenged with these difficult legal problems. We see it as our duty to help our clients understand their legal situation and options as thoroughly as possible and walk them through the steps they want to take to fight for what they hope to achieve.

Our representation means more than mere guidance, however; we are passionate legal advocates for our clients and will aggressively pursue their interests in court. We will exhaust all possible options that may help our clients win while striving to be as proactive as possible. That means peeking around corners whenever possible and taking action in the moment to prevent unnecessary or foreseeable difficulties from arising in the future.

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Giammichele Law, APC is here to support clients who need solutions to complicated legal problems affecting their lives and those of their loved ones.

Broadly, we can help clients fight legal disputes involving a loved one's trust or estate. Litigation may become necessary to settle disagreements that can arise after a relative dies, such as challenges to their will or the actions of the estate representative who is tasked with administering the estate.

We also offer services to help trustees through the trust administration process. By providing the legal oversight and services they need, we can help our clients ensure a timely and cost-effective administration of a trust that also minimizes the risk to their personal liability as a trustee.

We additionally provide services to clients for legal matters involving family law, such as the following:

If you are in need of legal services near Laguna Woods to protect your family's interests, rest assured that our attorney at Giammichele Law, APC can help.


It can be difficult to discern which attorney or law firm is equipped to not only give your concerns the personalized attention they need, but meet your challenges with experience and skill as well.

Giammichele Law, APC is a boutique firm that focuses deeply on what matters most to our clients and what they're up against. You can expect your legal strategy to be built entirely around the details related to your challenges and what your goals are for the outcome. While no attorney can guarantee results, we know that a personalized approach such as this can help you reach the best possible outcome in a legal dispute because your side the issue will reflect you and your interests in earnest.

Giammichele Law, APC is also transparent and communicative with our clients. That means we will be honest with you about our assessment of your legal situation and what we think the best course of action may be to help you achieve your goals. When options are available, we can explain them to you and help you understand how such decisions may impact your case.

No matter what, however, you can count on our attorney to make you feel seen and heard. With Giammichele Law, APC, you are not a case number to us – you are someone who needs help, and we are here to support you each step of the way.

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  • Cost-Efficient Approach

    We aim to work with you to get the best results at the lowest cost possible. We also offer payment plans for our services, so contact us today for more information.

  • Accessible Counsel

    No one should be kept in the dark about their case. If you give us a call, we will get back to you with updates about your case. If you need to schedule time outside of business hours, we will happily accommodate your schedule.

  • Tailored Results

    We don't believe in providing you cookie cutter solutions. We take the time to properly evaluate your situation and provide strategic solutions to achieve optimal results.

  • Experience & Knowledge

    Our attorneys have experience in various areas of law, which provides a unique perspective in trust and estate litigation and family law.



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